Why you should stop following people on Linkedin?

For me, it was just too much.

My feed was crap. Hated the Linkedin experience and ended up learning stuff and watching my industry on website like Medium…

My feed on Linkedin was cluttered with so many content (organic or promoted) that I couldn’t read neither decipher what was relevant for me. The only feature I used was connecting and messaging people.

I was thinking that Linkedin here has an interesting behavior: it is forcing a follow on any connection you make. For me this is quite a stretch as any activity of your connections (like, comments, articles…) is then coming up your feed.

The issue is that after years, you start making a large network and above 1 or 2 thousands followers, the quality of your feed is impacted.

Why is this important? You want to use a social network for what it is and here keeping contact with people that matters to you or just discovering new people for making a business. Part of it is sharing the same interests and discovering, exchanging on an article is a good way to do so.

What if you want to unfollow people then? Here again, you wish it was easy but Linkedin forces you to unfollow people one by one.

There is a way of course to speed that up if you want to get your hands dirty:

  1. Go to this page on your profile:
  2. Open the Developer Tools in Chrome.
  3. Scroll down, several times, whilst LinkedIn lazy loads a decent sized list
  4. In the Console View, type the linked code

Press enter.

It worked for me!

I re-followed again “Influencers” and some colleagues and now my feed is enjoyable, clean and I found myself reading it again. I can engage with more interesting content and interact in a more meaningful way with the people I follow.

It is possible that the code needs updates from time to time as Linkedin changes the way we interfere with it but so far, it helped me big time.

Kudos to Steven Herod for sharing this.


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